Our Portfolio


Hands-on experience in developing bespoke MIS software for organizations including BIFFL and IDCOL. Implementing and installing third-party ERP software such as FinUltimus, Temenos, FloraBank, FlexCube etc.

Developed essential CBS (core banking solution) modules for financial institutions like IDCOL including Bank Statement Reconciliation, Financial Instrument/Security Dashboard, Procurement, Inventory, Attendance, Employee Task reporting etc.

Interaction and goodwill amongst people involved in this sector in Bangladesh

Mobile Applications

Experience in developing Android games and in-house software including IDCOL PO (partner organization) and Inspector Apps in Play Store.

Expertise in iOS development for corporate clients with several developer account subscriptions.

Proficiency in Kotlin as well as Java for Android development.

Programming Language/Platform Proficiency

Programming Languages

C/C++, C#, Java/Android, Kotlin, Swift, Python, PHP, Prolog, MATLAB, Lisp, HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Database Environments

MS SQL Server, MySQL/MariaDB, Oracle, MongoDB (NoSQL)


Kubernetes, AWS, Google Cloud, Hadoop, Apache Spark, GNS3, VMWare Workstation, VirtualBox, Docker etc

Operating Systems

Windows, Windows Server, macOS, Linux (Ubuntu/Kali) etc


Flask, Django, Hibernate, nodeJS, React, .NET etc

University Course Management System

Created a web application to manage courses, grades and schedules for a university.

Used Oracle RDBMS and Java EE as the backend service and HTML, CSS for the User Interface

A network based word processor

Created a Java-based word processor application that allows a user to create, share and edit online documents via the network.

Used Java networking protocols and multi-threading paradigms to allow multiple users to edit the same document at the same time.

Intelligent Agent for Naughts and Crosses

Designed and implemented a program to optimally play the game Naughts and Crosses (also known as Tic Tac Toe) with mini-max algorithm and alpha-beta pruning.


Made a java-based remote desktop manager inspired by TeamViewer and optimized data flow using the mip-map paradigm

More: Veriflow, VMWare, Infotree

3D Projection Mapping

We are very to be a part of 3D projection mapping first time ever in Bangladesh history. On the occasion of the Great Victory Day, the Ministry of Planning of the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh arranged a historic ceremony in Manik Mia Avenue and Great National Parliament area of the capital Dhaka. In addition to music, recitation, dance and dramas of popular artists, along with the history of Bangladesh, the three-dimensional spectroscopy of the country’s history will surprise the millions and millions of television spectators present. This spectacular 3D scene was organized in the planning and overall supervision of Honorable Planning Minister AHM Mustafa Kamal (Lotus Kamal), and the Projection and Cultural Program was organized on the Parliament House.

Network Solution

SAAR Lighthouse introducing video wall system in Government, corporate and private sectors in Bangladesh. Working as exclusive sole agent of Shenzhen Weiguan Views Technology Co., Ltd. We have varies LCD screen sizes with 2×2, 3×3, 3×4 and many more. Video walls can be fixed on wall or stand at the same time use for mobile / rental basis. Our engineers will install based on your need. We provided Video wall solution and support with multi-function system in the Mistry of planning during 2016.